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Hospital Tumor Board

Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center


2003 Management Action Plan





Standards and Targets

To formulate integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive hospital-wide policies on the management of patients with cancer in the hospital.

Written guidelines:

1.      Unified concept on cancer cause, prevention, cure, and palliation

2.      Standardized cancer patient management process

3.      Cancer palliation program

4.      Cancer pain control program

Integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive hospital-wide

Continually updated

To monitor and continually improve the quality of care to patients with cancers.

Monitor and maintain morbidity and mortality rates and complaints of patients within acceptable rates

Conduct cancer registry reporting twice a year

Nonhospice cases:

Acceptable mortality/morbidity rates (<5%)

Acceptable no. of complaints (<5 / year)

To conduct educational and training programs for concerned staff so as to facilitate implementation of hospital policies on management of cancer patients.

Conduct hospital tumor board meeting once every 2 months for educational and training purpose


Geared towards goal and objectives

To promote research on oncology that will continually improve the quality of care for cancer patients.

Conduct cancer research one per department or at least 4 in a year

Number (4 a year)

Useful enough to be integrated into policies and procedures